Ken Waldie Tip Off Classic

Methuen Youth  Basketball

The Ken Waldie Tourney will be back in 2024

About Ken Waldie

Ken would have been humbled and honored that over the next six days, one hundred and eight basketball games will be played in his honor.

If you met Ken at a basketball game where his children were playing with yours, he would always comment on how well your children played first.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 1976, Ken was proud to serve his country and was a great ambassador for the academy to high school students who have aspirations for any service academy.

If you were a coach and Ken was your referee, you always got an explanation from him about the close call he just made.  If he could have made a better call he would let you know that.

As a Youth League Director, Ken would be the stabilizing influence when two coaches had a conflict.  He reminded us all, "it's all about the kid."

Getting home at eight to be with his family was his number one priority, even if it delayed his career options.

Ken lived in Methuen where the community knows how to deal with tragedy and adversity.  Ken's children have the best support system in their coaches, teachers, and leadership in Methuen.

Ken always showed appreciation and thanks.  We believe he greeted his flight attendant with a smile of appreciation as he sat in the last rows of the flight by himself.

Sneakers and the Pittsburgh Steelers were his sport's passion.

If you were an employee at Raytheon and Ken was your teacher and trainer in a class, he could bring the course content down to the simplest of terms so you would be successful.

The members of Northeastern Massachusetts Board  #130 have come to pay tribute to Ken Waldie because Ken was their friend and they respect his professionalism fto the sport.

In closing, we have lost a true hero and great league director.  We dedicate these next eight days to his passion for the game of basketball, his love and dedication to his family and we won't forget how he lived his dash and how that dash will be missed by all of us.